Students are expected and encouraged to take pride in their general appearance. We expect all students to attend school in the school uniform (set out below). If a child cannot wear uniform on a particular day due to unforeseen circumstances, they must wear clothing in school colours and bring a letter of explanation from their parent/guardian. If students are not wearing the school colours (red and navy) they will not be allowed out in the play areas at morning tea and lunchtime. They will stay in the library and do some quiet activities.

Students must be in school uniform for all school trips/visits. The uniform is available from The Warehouse. Second hand uniforms can be purchased from the school office.

No jewellery may be worn at school except for watches, simple ear studs, and jewellery of religious and/or cultural significance. All jewellery will be removed for participation in sport for safety reasons.

Uniform (as set by the Board of Trustees): 

navy drill shorts 
navy culottes 
navy sweatshirt & fabric trackpants 
navy tunic sweatshirt (current school logo) 
red polo Shirt (current school logo) 
red bucket hat 
plain coloured socks 
 sandals; walking, or sport shoes 
navy polar fleece (optional). 
This can be worn instead of a normal jacket to and from school and at playtime and lunchtime. It does not replace the logo sweatshirt.