School Policies  

1. Schooldocs -

Every school in New Zealand has a set of school policies and procedures that need to be constantly reviewed by staff, the BOT, and in some cases the wider community. These policies and procedures are largely designed to ensure that we run a safe and ethical workplace and learning environment. The school BOT has recently reviewed its overall school policy and procedure system and have decided to place all school policies and procedures online through a company called SchoolDocs. 

SchoolDocs is a Christchurch based company that specialises in the writing and reviewing of school policies and procedures. The SchoolDocs system enables schools to work more collaboratively in reviewing and changing school policies and gives the school community more opportunities to view and comment on school policies. 

Following a Triennial Review cycle we will be asking for your feedback on the content and implementation of certain policies and procedures. This process can be done through the Sheffield SchoolDocs website. You will receive detailed instructions in a newsletter or on the website when your review of particular policy is needed.

At this stage we would encourage you to spend a few moments looking at the South Hornby Schooldocs website to familarise yourself with its content and layout.

Login instructions
2. Visit the website
3. Enter the user name (south) and password (hornby).
4. Follow the link to the relevant policy as listed.
5. Read the policy.
6. Click the Policy Review button at the right hand top corner of the page.
7. Select the reviewer type "Parent".
8. Enter your name (optional).
9. Submit your ratings and comments.
10. If you don't have internet access, school office staff can easily provide you with printed copies of the policy and the review form.
11. Submit your ratings and comments.