Principal's Welcome

Kia ora and welcome to South Hornby School!

This school truly is a special place. We work hard to ensure that children have a strong sense of belonging, they feel safe and respected and they love to be here.  We want South Hornby School to be seen as the heart-beat of the community we serve. 

At South Hornby School we want to create authentic and successful collaborations with and between our students, our staff and our community. We believe that growing and nurturing a culture built around effective collaboration is a key driver for improving student achievement and outcomes. 

At the very centre of our beliefs is our aspiration that we want to “Grow Heroes” here at South Hornby School. We believe that ALL our students have the ability to be a hero. 

It is essentially our role as a school community to support, nurture and guide our students helping them to develop the dispositions THEY need to be everyday heroes.

If you are interested in enrolling your son or daughter please feel welcome to set up an appointment at the office we would be happy to take you for a tour of our school.

Simon Moriarty