Our Vision


At the very centre of our beliefs is our passion that we want to “Grow Heroes” here at South Hornby School. We believe that ALL our students have the dispositions to be a hero. It is essentially our role as a school community to support, nurture and guide our students helping them to develop the dispositions THEY need to be “heroes”.

We believe heroes are people whose actions act as a role model for others. These actions, whether they are big or small have a positive impact on society. Heroes are passionate people who want to better themselves through continuing to develop their knowledge, skills and attitudes right through their lives. 

Heroes want to make a difference…..we want ALL our students to make a difference. At South Hornby School we want our students to grow the powers they need to be a lifelong hero. What hero, be it Superman, Dame Whina Cooper or the “person down the road” who gives up their time to run the local league club, doesn’t have a set of powers they use to make a difference? 

 We believe in……  We Value…  Why?
 People Power We value Whānau

We value Collaboration
We want the South Hornby Community be the heart of the school.

We want our students to value and celebrate who they are and where they came from.

We want our students to develop the dispositions they need to be role models in society.

 Learning Powers  We value Learning We want our students to develop key dispositions that will allow them to be life-long learners.

We want our students to create their own learning/ideas and have the dispositions to take responsibility for their own learning.

We want our students to find, use and continue to build upon their own strengths, passions and talents.