Our Past   

On 1st May 1958, a decision was made to acquire 5-6 acres of land between Main South Road and Shands Road for a new primary school site in Hornby. The school was originally going to be identified as “Hornby No. 2”. The already existing Hornby School was planned to become an Intermediate School only, making “Hornby No. 2” a primary school. This new school was officially named South Hornby on 4th September 1958.

Once the purchase of land was settled the Ministry of Works gave approval for the development of buildings on the South Hornby Site. Site preparations and building developments occurred between February 1961 and May 1962. The first two classroom blocks, boiler house, administration block and dental clinic was built by J.J. Construction Co. of Christchurch. 

South Hornby School officially opened on 21st May 1962 with a starting roll of 108 pupils. Mr I.E. Cummins was appointed as the foundation headmaster and he was joined by Mr B. Sutherland, Deputy Headmaster, and teachers Miss J.E. Dawber and Miss H. Hembrow. 

In this time the South Hornby School roll fluctuated in numbers peaking in 1972 - 1973 with a school roll of approximately 890 students. When the school was decapitated upon the opening of Branston Intermediate the roll has been steadily sitting between 250 – 350 pupils.