About Us   

South Hornby School is a contributing primary school for pupils aged 5 to 11 years. It has a staff of 14 full-time teachers and a roll of 320 pupils. The roll is comparatively stable, in that most children who enter as new entrants, continue their first six years of schooling at South Hornby. The majority of students are New Zealand born citizens of European extraction. Part Maori and Polynesian children make up approximately 23% of the total roll.


 School Location

The School is located on Shands Road in the Hornby district, a light industrial and retail area, 11 km from the Christchurch Square.
The school complex comprises 4 main blocks, a hall, swimming pool, adventure playgrounds and a large grassed area. Buildings are centrally positioned on a large site amidst an attractive environment endowed with a wide variety of trees and shrubs. There is a good balance of grassed and hard surface areas, three bark/adventure playground areas, and a well maintained swimming pool. 

The community is encouraged to use the school grounds outside school hours and vandalism is a rare occurrence. 

Under the leadership of a non-teaching Principal, the full-time teaching staff work in a three syndicate structure: 
Junior Syndicate - Years 0 to 2 
Middle Syndicate - Years 3 to 4 
Senior Syndicate - Years 5 to 6 

Each of these syndicates is lead by a senior member of staff. Senior, Middle and Junior classes are arranged in each of the four teaching blocks. 

A reading recovery programme operates in the school for six year olds requiring acceleration. 

This school recognises the importance of parents taking an active part in their children's education. Parents are enthusiastically involved in numerous ways and an 'open-door' policy allows freedom of communication towards an interchange of ideas and mutually supportive procedures. The school has a supportive Parent Teacher Association.