eLearning (Technology) plays a vital role in teaching and learning, in running our workplaces, and in our daily lives. At South Hornby School we value our internet facilities and ICT equipment and the benefits they bring us in learning outcomes and the effective operation of the school. We also acknowledge that as well as benefits, the technology brings some risks to users by facilitating anti-social, inappropriate, and even illegal, material and activities.

In keeping with our Health, Safety, and Welfare policy, we maintain comprehensive cyber-safety policies and procedures to guide our use of the internet, mobile phones, and other ICT devices and equipment. These include filing signed cyber-safety agreements for staff and students. The cyber-safety policy allows us to maintain a cyber safe school environment, by:
  • educating students and the school community about the safe and responsible use of information and communication technologies   
  • allowing for professional development and training for staff
  • setting clear guidelines about acceptable and unacceptable use of the technology
  • following clear guidelines about publishing student information online
  • having a clear process for dealing with breaches of the policy or agreements
  • ensuring that all members of the school community understand the policy, and commit to it by signing the appropriate Use Agreement.

The policy applies to every member of the school community authorised to use the ICT equipment, including staff, students, volunteers, trainees, contractors, special visitors, and board members. It applies to ICT devices/equipment owned or leased by the school and also those privately owned. It applies whether the ICT equipment is used at the school, or any other location for a school based activity. This includes off-site access to the school network.
ICT equipment includes computers, storage devices, cameras, mobile phones, gaming consoles, video/audio devices, whether owned by the school, or privately.
The school maintains the right to monitor, access, and review ICT use, including email use; and to audit at any time material on the school's equipment. 
The school may also ask to audit privately owned ICT devices/equipment used on the school site or at any school related activity. The school upholds its information privacy principles with the privacy guidelines in the Privacy policy.