Our Learning   

At South Hornby School we share key learning aspirations for all our students. These aspirations drive all learning opportunities that are provided here at South Hornby School.

  • We want our students to develop key dispositions that will allow them to be life-long learners. (e.g. literate, numerate, to access and understand information etc….) 
  • We want to provide our students with the tools, strategies and opportunities to learn anywhere, anytime with anyone. 
  • We want our students to create their own learning/ideas and have the dispositions to take responsibility for their own learning. (e.g. – creativity, problem solving, managing myself) 
  • We want our students to find, use and continue to build upon their own strengths, passions and talents. 
  • We want our students to be confident, connected, lifelong learners who in the future are successful role models and contributors to society.